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Cueing: 2.5 hours Online Workshop

I believe that Words have Power!

Words matter and can make a profound impact on the results of your clients. 

The careful use of cueing can make all the difference. 

Explore this powerful tool and how you can use it for your teachings. 

This workshop is focusing on the various aspects of Cueing that will leave you feeling confident in any class. 


​Open for all Movement Teachers!

All teachers of all levels are welcome to join! For new teachers who just start out or if you want a fresh up and get new inspirations for your cues.


Great workshop on cues. I’m working towards changing my direction from child education to health. I registered at El Camino City and working towards Kinesiology education. Your information regarding the body points, connection in movement was important. You are a very well educated teacher.  —Alicia

Cueing workshop

This is a recording of the LIVE workshop.

This workshop focused on the various aspects of Cueing that will leave you feeling confident in any class. All teachers at all levels are welcome to join! 

Once you have paid the recording will be emailed to you!

The cueing workshop was great!  It's so helpful for me to hear your perspective and knowledge, especially since there are lots of cues I've learned in Pilates that may not really be helpful for people! As a new teacher, cueing is something I'm actively trying to figure out. I used your suggestion for swan/pulling straps of pulling the chest through the arms - and it worked!  I got a really good response to that cue. - Ali

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